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What is the digital divide?

Digital Divide is an English word that describes the division of the world into two camps, those who have access to advanced information technologies and those who do not.

The term shows that the problem of non-uniformity in the use of technologies and telematic services creates a disadvantage economically and culturally. This condition is most evident in the southern countries of the world where access to new technologies is still severely hampered by the lack of infrastructure. In fact, the most recent statistics speak for 1 person in every thousand with access to a computer in the developing countries compared with about 600 per thousand in the countries so-called "developed" countries.

The Digital Divide is broadly attributed to two main causes:

* The lack of broadband infrastructure;

* Illiteracy users.

The project "Bridging the digital divide" by 's Association KOPE ONLUS , provides for the promotion of the use of technologies and free software, open source software and hardware recovery tools such as the reduction of the gap between the industrialized countries and countries in the developing world.

The project takes the form:

- The promotion of the concept of bridging the digital divide through the corporate website of the association and the organization of meetings and discussions with free participation.

- Promoting the use of free software tools with regard to the community and residents of developing countries as a contribution to the elimination of the digital divide and to facilitate access to new technologies for disadvantaged people. For example: promoting the use of free software systems for office automation, such as "Libre office."

- The provision of free, communities and disadvantaged people living in developing countries, the hardware used for recovery picked up by donations from companies and individuals, regenerated free of charge by volunteers.

To learn more, consult the list of resources from the "Resources and Links".


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